Diyos is the first thing you can think of when you think of Deepawali, right? They illuminate Deepawali’s dark evening with their charm and beauty and spread its luminosity and positivity. Rangoli tradition is famous for the festival of Deepawali. A rangoli is about not only adding color to a pattern or shape but also adding brightness to our life. This is a Deepawali activity for students that will especially appeal to girls.

On the auspicious occasion of Deepawali, some fun activities and activities that can be done by the teachers in the school for the students have been presented point by point.

  1. The clay lamps used in Deepawali can be made by the students themselves in the class. The lamps made by the students can be colored and painted according to their wishes.
  2. If there is lack of clay or no provision for making lamps, students can be made to paint or draw clay, even if they buy burnt clay lamps (Diyo) from the market as needed.
  3. Rangoli or mandala can be made individually or divided into groups. Also at home you can make rangoli or mandala together with other family members. Rangoli making or mandala making competition can also be done.
  4. Candles are also used during Deepawali. Keeping this in mind, a candle race can also be organized. A lamp lighting competition can also be held. Whoever can light the most lamps within 1 minute will be declared the winner.
  5. A workshop can be conducted during Tihar, teaching gift packing to give gifts to your sisters or brothers.



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