German players covered their faces for a photo session to PROTEST FIFA’s DECISION

German players covered their faces for a photo session to PROTEST of FIFA’s DECISION

Germany’s players covered their faces during a team photo session ahead of the World Cup opening match against Japan on Wednesday in protest against FIFA’s refusal to allow them to wear rainbow-themed armbands.

The captains of seven European teams plan to wear anti-discrimination armbands at the tournament in Qatar as part of a campaign for diversity. But after FIFA said that they will take action by prohibiting the wearing of rainbow themed armbands, today the German national team protested by covering their faces and having a photo session.

FIFA has banned the wearing of rainbow armbands stating that homosexuality is illegal in Qatar.

The German Football Association tweeted about the masked picture and mentioned that human rights are an intolerable subject under any circumstances. The association has protested saying that the game has no place to resign and banning the decision to wear armbands is a violation of the right to speak.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino was at the Khalifa International Stadium for the Germany-Japan match. Even the German government has publicized the view that no one is above human rights and that FIFA’s decision is unfortunate in terms of FIFA not allowing the captains to wear rainbow themed armbands.

German Minister Nancy Fesser, who came to Doha to attend the match against Japan, said FIFA’s ban was a big mistake. She opined that not only the players but also the people should be stopped from freely supporting the LGBTQ Plus campaign.

The security personnel assigned to the ongoing Qatar World Cup are prohibiting the entry of spectators wearing rainbow-colored clothes to the stadium.

5 Video editing software for FREE

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Eight brilliant stadiums in FIFA World Cup 2022 that reflect Qatar’s culture, tradition and technology

Eight brilliant stadiums in FIFA World Cup 2022 that reflect Qatar’s culture, tradition and technology

Qatar is all set to host the FIFA World Cup 2022. Currently, millions of audiences and thousands of players are waiting for the stadium here.

On the one hand, the brilliant stadium prepared for the World Cup is attracting the attention of the world. And on the other hand, Qatar is also receiving criticism that injustice was done to the workers who shed blood and sweat behind the construction of those infrastructures. Thousands of Nepali workers were also employed in the construction of the structure. In the midst of this praise and criticism, Qatar is opening the FIFA World Cup 2022, which is considered to be the greatest football event on Friday.

‘Now is all’ is the official slogan of the Qatar World Cup. The eight grand stadiums built for the World Cup have also been given separate slogans and video featuring. Out of the eight stadiums, seven are newly built and one stadium has been completely renovated. The stadiums have been built at a short distance so that those who come to watch football can reach from one stadium to another in a short journey. All these stadiums are located at a distance of about one hour’s drive, i.e. 55 km. Some of the most modern stadiums that reflect Qatar’s culture and tradition are:

Al Bayt Stadium

It is called ‘Unique Stadium’ which means a unique stadium. This stadium with a capacity of 60,000 audiences is located in the city of Al khor, 35 kilometers north of Doha.

It is believed that the sports tourists will be attracted by the beautiful view of the park, lake and green area made for environmental practice, which extends from the stadium to the sea.

In addition, Qatar’s traditional clothes have been used in this stadium. The tent used in this is made from the fabric used by the natives of Qatar. It is not only comfortable for the audience but also shows the importance of Qatari fabric. The fabric used in it has been in demand in this area for centuries. It will make the audience fair. Similarly, the upper part of this stadium, apart from the paramount, has been designed in such a way that it can be removed after the match is over.

World Cup matches

Al Bayt Stadium will host the opening match of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, along with numerous other games, including one semi-final.

  • 20 November Group A: Qatar v Ecuador (19:00 local time)
  • 23 November Group F: Morocco v Senegal (13:00 local time)
  • 25 November Group B: England v USA (22:00 local time)
  • 27 November Group E: Spain v Germany (22:00 local time)
  • 29 November Group A: Netherlands v Qatar (18:00 local time)
  • 1 December Group E: Costa Rica v Germany (22:00 local time)
  • 4 December Round of 16: 1B v 2A (22:00 local time)
  • 10 December Quarter-final: W51 v W52 (22:00 local time)
  • 14 December Semi-final W59 v W60 (22:00 local time)

Lusail Stadium

This stadium is located in the city of Lusail, 20 km north of Doha. This stadium with a capacity of 80,000 audiences has been given the slogan Live with Heritage, An Icon for Future. This stadium is designed in the shape of a hand-woven bowl used in Islam.

Qatar prioritizes sustainable development. There is also the question of what to do after the World Cup in such a big stadium. Therefore, after the FIFA World Cup, Lusail Stadium will be transformed into a community area including schools, coffee shops, sports facilities, shops, health centers. The first match will be held in this stadium on November 22 between Argentina and Saudi Arabia at 1 pm local time.

World Cup matches

Qatar’s biggest tournament venue (80,000 audience capacity) will host the final, along with matches during every stage of Qatar 2022.

  • 22 November Group C: Argentina v Saudi Arabia (1300 local time)
  • 24 November Group G: Brazil v Serbia (2200 local time)
  • 26 November Group C: Argentina v Mexico (2200 local time)
  • 28 November Group H: Portugal v Uruguay (2200 local time)
  • 30 November Group C: Saudi Arabia v Mexico (2200 local time)
  • 2 December Group G: Cameroon v Brazil (2200 local time)
  • 5 December Round of 16: 1H v 2G (12200 local time)
  • 9 December Quarter-final: W49 v W50 (2200 local time)
  • 13 December Semi-final: W57 v W58 (2200 local time)
  • 18 December Final (1800 local time)

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium is located 20 kilometers west of Doha, this stadium will hold 40,000 audiences. The slogan of this stadium is ‘Where Desert Stories Unfold’. The stadium is located near the desert in the historic city of Umm Al Afaei in Qatar. This area is also the home town of Al Rayan Sport Club. That is why this stadium is also called Al Rayan.

The houses around this stadium and the mirrors used in it reflect the local culture and tradition. Similarly, the mirror and the reflection in the amazing geometric structure of the stadium reflect the beauty of the local environment and the desert. It is also said to reflect national and international trade. More than 80 percent of the construction materials used in it are from the old stadium in this area. The first match between America and Wales will be held at this stadium on November 21 at 11 pm local time.

World Cup matches

The stadium is set to host six group-stage matches along with one Round-of-16 match.

  • 21 November Group B: United States v Wales (22:00 local time)
  • 23 November Group F: Belgium v Canada (22:00 local time)
  • 25 November Group B: Wales v Iran (13:00 local time)
  • 25 November Group E: Japan v Costa Rica (13:00 local time)
  • 29 November Group B: Wales v England (22:00 local time)
  • 01 December Group F: Croatia v Belgium (18:00 local time)
  • 03 December Round of 16: 1C v 2D (22:00 local time)

Al Janoub Stadium

This stadium with a capacity of 40,000 audiences is located in Al Wakrah area, 22 km south of Doha. The first match between France and Australia will be held in this stadium on November 22 at 10 pm local time. This stadium has been given the slogan ‘See Football in a New Era’, meaning see football in a new era.

This stadium is built in the shape of a traditional Qatari boat. The boat that was used by the locals in the past for fishing and picking pearls in Al Aqrawah. In the past, the stadium has been given this design as a tribute to the same culture of fishermen in Qatar.

It is said that the capacity of this stadium will be reduced after the World Cup. The stadium is surrounded by beautiful sports parkland. It is said that it will benefit the community of that area in the future. After the FIFA World Cup 2022, it will be one of the few stadiums that will invite sports tourists from around the world.

World Cup matches

The stadium is set to host six group-stage matches along with one Round-of-16 match.

  • 22 NovemberGroup D: France v Australia (2200 local time)
  • 24 NovemberGroup G: Switzerland v Cameroon (1300 local time)
  • 26 NovemberGroup D: Tunisia v Australia (1300 local time)
  • 28 NovemberGroup G: Cameroon v Serbia (1300 local time)
  • 30 NovemberGroup D: Australia v Denmark (1800 local time)
  • 1 DecemberGroup H: Ghana v Uruguay (1800 local time)
  • 5 December Round of 16: 1E v 2F (1800 local time) 

Al Thumana Stadium

This stadium with a capacity of 40,000 audiences is located in Al Rayyan area, 12 km south of central Doha. This stadium is depicted as a place steeped in culture and tradition. The design of this stadium is in the shape of ‘Gafia’, a woven hat worn by men in Arab countries.

Gafia is taken as a symbol of youth empowerment in the future. Qatar said that the white color used in this stadium will inspire the next generation to play the game beautifully. Qatar claims this stadium as a new era in the history of stadium design. It is said that matches including the quarter-finals will be held. The first match will be held at this stadium on November 21 between Senegal and the Netherlands at 7 pm local time.

World Cup matches

The stadium is set to host six group-stage matches along with a Round-of-16 match and one quarter-final.

  • 21 November Group A: Senegal v Netherlands (1900 local time)
  • 23 November Group E: Spain v Costa Rica (1900 local time)
  • 25 November Group A: Qatar v Senegal (1600 local time)
  • 27 November Group F: Belgium v Morocco (1600 local time)
  • 29 November Group B: Iran v USA (2200 local time)
  • 1 December Group F: Canada v Morocco (1800 local time)
  • 4 December Round of 16: 1D v 2C (1800 local time)
  • 10 December Quarter-final: W55 v W57 (1800 local time)

Education City Stadium

‘A Simmering Jewel of Inspiration’ A shimmering jewel of inspiration is the epitome of this stadium. This stadium is located in Education City in the northwest of Doha. As the name suggests, this region has the best educational institutions in the Arab region. This stadium with a capacity of 40,000 audiences is also interpreted as a bridge connecting football and knowledge.

The state-of-the-art design of this stadium reflects Islamic architecture. Outside the stadium, the geometrical complex shape like a diamond made in a triangular shape reflects the rays of the sun and the scene looks very exciting. It is said that the light of the lights falling on it at night will give the audience a new experience. The first match will be held in this stadium on November 22 between Denmark and Tunisia at 4 pm local time.

World Cup matches

The stadium is set to host six group-stage matches along with a Round-of-16 game and one quarter-final.

  • 22 November Group D: Denmark v Tunisia (1600 local time)
  • 24 November Group H: Uruguay v Korea Republic (1600 local time)
  • 26 November Group C: Poland v Saudi Arabia (1600 local time)
  • 28 November Group H: Korea Republic v Ghana (1600 local time)
  • 30 November Group D: Tunisia v France (1800 local time)
  • 2 December Group H: Korea Republic v Portugal (1800 local time)
  • 6 December Round of 16: 1F v 2E (1800 local time)
  • 9 December Quarter-final: W53 v W54 (1800 local time)

Khalifa International Stadium

Khalifa International Stadium, also known as the ‘Home of Football in Qatar’, is one of the oldest stadiums in Qatar. It is five kilometers west of central Doha. This stadium, built in 1996, has only been reconstructed now. Therefore, this is the first stadium completed by Qatar for the World Cup. On this basis, its slogan ‘A Sporting Legend Re-energized’ has been given. This stadium has hosted many historical matches.

Arabian Golf Cup, FIFA Club World Cup and IAF World Athletics Championship have already been organized in this stadium. The final match of the Amir Cup was played for the first time in 2017 after the reconstruction of this stadium with a capacity of 40,000 seats. The Emir Cup is also the highest football tournament in Qatar.

Both the magnificent arches of the stadium have further revealed its beauty. Not only that, this structure manages the temperature system inside the stadium. The first match between England and Iran will be held in this stadium on November 21 at 4 pm local time.

World Cup matches

The stadium is set to host six group-stage matches, one Round-of-16 game and the play-off for third place at Qatar 2022.

  • 21 November Group B: England v Iran (1600 local time)
  • 23 November Group E: Germany v Japan (1600 local time)
  • 25 November Group A: Netherlands v Ecuador (1900 local time)
  • 27 November Group F: Croatia v Canada (1900 local time)
  • 29 November Group A: Ecuador v Senegal (1800 local time)
  • 1 December Group E: Japan v Spain (2200 local time)
  • 3 December Round of 16: 1A v 2B (1800 local time)
  • 17 December 3rd Place (1800 local time)

Stadium 974

This stadium, which is considered a great victory in the field of innovation and sustainability, is located in Ras Abu Abad, about 10 kilometers east of central Doha. It is said that this stadium has made its history before the first match. Its construction has been made using container and modular steel. In this way, this stadium has become the first football stadium that can be completely removed after use. This stadium represents Qatar’s contribution to sustainable development and ‘daring design’.

974 is the international calling code of Qatar. Not only this, 974 containers have been used in the construction of this stadium. That is why this stadium has been named accordingly. On November 22, the first match between Mexico and Poland will be held at this stadium at 7 pm local time.

World Cup matches

Stadium 974 will host seven matches during the FIFA World Cup, with six group games and one Round of 16 knockout match.

  • 22 November Group C: Mexico v Poland (1900 local time)
  • 24 November Group H: Portugal v Ghana (1900 local time)
  • 26 November Group D: France v Denmark (1900 local time)
  • 28 November Group G: Brazil v Switzerland (1900 local time)
  • 30 November Group H: Poland v Argentina (2200 local time)
  • 02 December Group G: Serbia v Switzerland (2200 local time)
  • 05 December Round of 16: 1G v 2H (2200 local time)
Prepared by Bedanand Jaishi with the help of the agency. Photo: FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar websiteMaterial source : Techpana

10 beneficial YouTube channels to learn skills

There is no difficulty for those who want to learn skills in the world by using technology. If you have a desire, you can get knowledge from YouTube.

For this, just follow some useful channels. There are so many YouTube channels over internet. Today we are going to tell you about 10 YouTube channels that will help you develop your technology related skills.


TED-Ed is a channel dedicated to imparting educational knowledge.

It especially covers various topics from around the world. This channel can be suitable for any daily life or to get answers to various questions that we are looking for.

Practical Engineering is a channel that presents various theoretical aspects of engineering in a practical way.

The videos and contents available in this channel are produced civil engineers. This channel can be suitable for getting various knowledge related to engineering.

CrashCourse is one such YouTube channel, through which various types of knowledge are imparted.

While this channel mainly teaches world history and biology, now by engaging different teachers, knowledge is also given on subjects like chemistry, literature, film, psychology, sociology, and physical science.

In this channel, you can learn useful things especially in daily life.

To get theoretical and practical knowledge of various subjects, you can watch various videos of cash courses.

Skill share is especially suitable for those who want to learn new skills.

For those who do any business, write an email to someone or learn various similar tasks can take the help of this channel.

This site is suitable for learning graphic design, various useful site skills.

The knowledge of how to make our daily life systematic or how to make it successful can be found from Matt D’Avella’s YouTube channel.

You can understand how to get rid of small problems that occur in daily life from Matt’s video.

You can take the help of this channel to keep yourself ahead in every work and to do life-achieving work.

Y Combinator is a YouTube channel especially suitable for startups. If you are planning to start any startup, you can take the help of this channel.

Entrepreneurs who have successfully launched their own startups share their experiences, understandings and experiences on this channel.

This channel helps to inspire new entrepreneurs and bring their ideas to real life.

Like other channels, Big Think is also a channel related to science and scientific tests. Various events related to science and technology are included in this channel.

This channel helps to clarify any misconceptions people have about science.

Veritasium is one such YouTube channel, which is related to science and engineering.

In this channel you can find specially various scientific tests, interviews with experts, demos and discussions with people about science can be seen.

The Mark Rober YouTube channel, run by Mark B. Rober, has videos especially related to science. Mark Rober is a former NASA and Apple engineer.

He makes videos by addressing various people’s questions. For everyone who is interested in science, this channel’s videos can help you learn new things.

Kurzgesagt – in a Nutshell informs people about various things related to science.

This channel imagines scientific things as imagined in science fiction films and shows them through animations and videos.

Through this channel, we can see how we can solve the environmental problems that have come to earth or how to solve other various problems.

Letter : Dear lovely friend Riya

Byasi- 10, Bhaktapur

February 17th, 2017

Dear lovely friend Riya,

      Hi, I got your letter dated on 2017 february 15th in which you  wrote about sports played in your school. I was really pleased by your letter. So, today I have decided to write about the ‘Importance of Sports in Student’s Life’.

      There is a statement, ‘All works no play makes jack a dull boy’. According to this everyone needs games. Especially games and sports are necessary for students. There are a lot of indoor as well as outdoor games. Such indoor games include Ludo, carrom, chess, etc. and outdoor games include cricket, football, hockey, baseball and many others. Those people who have got good mental power play indoor games and those who have got good physical power play outdoor games. Games are mainly played in the morning and in the evening in good environment. Both indoor and outdoor games develop our physical as well as mental strength.

      Riya, there are a lot of importance’s as well as advantages of sports. Games teaches us team work. The person who has got good team spirit can easily wins but the person who is selfish in team loses. Secondly, sports teach us about hard work. In game all the players should contribute equally and lead us to win. Thirdly, sport teaches about discipline. In sports we should stay in discipline and the players should listen to the umpire, referee or captain. Sports make us capable as well as self independent also. Sports also provide us power.

      Riya, do you know, the person who are involved in games are healthy. They can’t suffer from any kind of problems. Games provide us recreation also. Games and sports provide us self-confidence, power and strength, good decision making power, team co-operation. The person who plays sports is active and energetic. Games also provide us good memory which improves our education also. Those people who are involved in sports are also good in education and studies.

      Mainly, students of school are well known by games only. So, games are also responsible for making own prestige. Through games many of the people became famous like Bimal Ghartimagar, Kanchi Maya Koju, Paras Khadka, Mira Rai, etc. got a lot of prestige, name and fame through sports.

      Exactly, sports are very essential for students. In the school also, many of the students are well known from sports. But there are also some of the school where games and sports are given less priority. So, all the students and schools should actively participate in games. The students who are involved in sports are good in education. The students with out any types of games are lazy and inactive. Sports provide us confidence, self-independent and active.

      So, at last there is a lot of importance of sports in student life. Students without sports are like very dull and inactive. So, games play a vital role in shaping student mind.

      Riya, this much for today. I will write more in another letter and request you to write your letter for me.

You dearest friend

– Ritishna Duwal

Sakimana Punhi (Purnima)

Sakimana Purnima is one of the special Purnimas celebrated by the Newar community. Which is made up of two words of Nepali language saki and mana. SAKI means pindalu (roots of arum spinach), while MANA means usinnu (Boiled). It is called Sakimana Poornima because Pindalu (Boiled roots of arum spinach) is eaten on this day. Since there is a shortage of vegetables during the winter months, Kandamul (food found under the ground) can also be eaten, and the Sakimana Purnima is the symbol for same. According to the geodesy, the moon is closer to the earth today. Therefore, the size of the moon on this day is bigger than the full moon on other days. Today infront of various temples and chaityas different images of god, temples or symbols are made by corn, wheat, soybeans, tai, malpa, swari, and other grain deities, which culture is called Halimali and Nasa Bwayegu or Halimali festival. In this way, when nasa bwayegu is performed, the DAFA Bhajan use to play their traditional musics and songs at the respective places. According to cultural scholar Om Dhaubhadel, there was a famine in Nepal in ancient times. Not even rice seeds were found. Only grains such as wheat, corn, soybeans were left here to eat. With the aim of conveying the message that the same grain should be eaten, on the day of Kartik Shukla Purnima, after making a picture of the goddess from different grains, it became a custom to eat that grain as prasad. The reason for having to eat pindalu is that once Ravana did severe penance to humanize all the demons from the creator Brahma to Daha. After the penance was successful, there was a shortage of food here. Then Ravana produced corn on the ground and wheat under the ground. Later, all the gods and humans joined forces to destroy Ravana’s efforts. In the same order, eating crab vegetables on the day of Dussehra, eating pickled crab on the day of Janaipurnima (Saaran) and eating pindalu on the full moon day of Mansir Shukla Purnima is considered to be the same as killing a demon.


As mentioned in the copper plate inside the Pashupatinath Temple, in Nepal Samvat 560, King Yaksha Malla and his brother Jiva Malla mentioned various puja festivals throughout the year in the name of their late mother Sansaradevi, and the day of Kattik Shukla Purnima is also mentioned. However, it mentions Judhan again, not Sakimana Purnima or Harimandi. What is the specific meaning of that judhan punhi is not clear. Dhaubhadel, a cultural expert, said that since it is customary to eat pindalu on that day, Sakimana may have become famous again on that day. It is confirmed by the record of Malti Chowk of Bhaktapur Darwar area written by Bhupatindra Malla in Nepal Samvat 818. Kheer is offered to Talejubhavani during Sakimana re-celebration inside Bhaktapur Taleju.

Beautiful Bhaktapur

The encircling hills

Fold this beautiful city

In their warm embrace.


This fascinating city

Preserves its beautiful buildings

In its warm heart


Those ancient buildings

Guard their timeless treasures

In their sunlit streets & squares.


Those streets & squares

Hold wonderful warm-hearted people

Who brighten the day with their vadiant smiles.


Those smiles warm the hearts of travellers,

Who carry their glow away

To the far corners of the world.


Beautiful Bhaktapur, beautiful people,

I will carry you & your children in my heart,

Wherever I go.

Poem by : Jane Bowhay

How Teachers Can Help Students Who Fail in Class to Succeed at Life

Pushpa Prajapati (Teacher)

Many of us know kids who seemed headed for disaster when they were in school. Maybe they flunked out of classes, or they did drugs, or they were depressed loners. But then something happened later and they blossomed into healthy, happy adults who contributed to society in important ways.             Children Who Fail at School But Succeed at Life. How did they accomplish this? Here are some ways educators can support kids so that the children get success.
  1. Provide opportunities for kids to feel they belong and to contribute in meaningful ways.
One way to prevent this is to provide kids with important jobs and responsibilities that teachers and others value. Maybe a kid who talks a lot would be a great student ambassador for their school, or a child who is very artistic can create a mural for the classroom. Perhaps an older child can become a tutor for a younger child, or a child who has trouble sitting still can be responsible for delivering messages between classrooms. Giving kids responsibilities like these can go a long way in helping feel they belong and have something important to contribute to others and to their community.
  1. Reward struggle as well as achievement.
kids are praised for their efforts more than their achievements, allowing for and even encouraging mistakes. Some teachers go so far as to reward kids for sharing their struggles, which gives kids the message that everyone struggles and that “being smart” is not a fixed trait delegated to the few. It can also help to teach kids the science behind this the plasticity of the brain and the way that memory works through programs like Brain ology, which make it fun and interactive.
  1. Be a talent scout.
The opportunity to do what we love to do and do well can reveal personal strengths and qualities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Find children’s unique strengths and talents, then highlight and celebrate them. The Theory of Multiple Intelligences can be a helpful resource.
  1. Change the school social climate.
Sometimes moving to a new classroom or attending a different school can make a big difference for struggling students and give them the message that failure is not all about them. Relocating to a neighborhood where parents watch over kids and where new peer influences replace disruptive ones, improves a student’s chances to succeed.
  1. Never underestimate the positive impact you can have on a struggling child’s later life course.
Predicting with absolute certainty what will become of us in the future based upon what may have happened to us in the past is simply impossible. One reason is that lives can change in very significant ways in response to entirely unpredictable. Some teachers are creating the meaningful roles while others are taking the time to send e-mails, text messages, or letters to parents each week celebrating their child’s accomplishments. Teachers are experts at finding creative ways to help their students shine, and when they do, they’re opening the door to potential turning points in the lives of struggling children. I would argue that we should champion those who during their childhood years were stretched beyond their limits of emotional endurance, then managed to overcome adversity and go on to lead meaningful and productive lives. These people can provide us with new remedies, ones that can potentially prevent serious learning, behavioral, and emotional problems, reduce juvenile crime, school dropout, and substance abuse, and increase human productivity at work and in life.

Letter to the SEE appearing students

Life sprouts from the great ocean of love with the care and tears of our beloved god-parents. Our parents set our life in the journey to the excellence and success. Life is the lucid assemblage of recreational experience accompanied by the pretty scary moments. Everyone in this entire universe does have spontaneous effort for comfort. Life and effort, life and comfort, life and victory, life and defeat, life and knowledge, life and sports and so on we can associate our life with. Life is the complex whole that can never be prophesied. We are responsible for our life to ensure the probable most beautiful shape and appearance, alluring everyone else.

Dear friends, life is complete merely when it is gauzed with the vision of education. In the recent time, S.E.E. is considered as the minimum qualification to be an educated person. SEE is not a great thing; it is only the initiating part of our journey. 13 years of our student life is likely to terminate with SEE but it is not the end of student life, it is just the transmission phase from immature to the mature student life. However, better results will obviously ameliorate our life status.

All the students want to secure best results and they usually hover around to look for the tips that how can they achieve good marks. In my personal view point, you guys can get the best tips from your own. Have you ever questioned yourself – WHO AM I? Try to give the possible answers. Don’t say –I’m a student. Try to give another perfect answer that suits your potentiality. Definitely, it is quite difficult because we haven’t reached the climax of our journey. We are on the way to success. Now, give the answer what you would like to be in coming days. You can say – I’m the World No. I seeded …. player or I’m the owner of …… multinational company or I’m professor at …….. University and many others what your interest allow saying. For all those aforementioned status, prepare the effective plans to execute and work as per the plans but be sure education is the integral part for all the fields. For this you should show great interest as you have chosen your field yourself. Interest leads to the evolution of success.

For now, you guys are appearing in SEE so focus your interest on that. Broadening the range of knowledge and collection of all the scattered information at a place will help to foster your performance. Don’t go only through the pages of the books but also go through the pages of your mind. You can teach yourself in the best way. Listen to teachers, friends, authors and more importantly listen to yourself and then simplify all the assumptions in your own personal way. This will help you to understand everything easily. Whenever you get bored or you get leisure time, I don’t say use your leisure by studying but instead use you leisure to refresh your lethargic and jaded mind into enthusiastic mind.

Each and every small piece has gigantic elaboration. If you consider all the necessary things, you can fly high above the highest in the heave of excellence and success. Life will be flooded with lots of rewards and opportunities. Every single person will appreciate your achievement and the story of your life will be safely recorded in the history of the world. For this, “Never put yourself in the position to fail.”

‘Even this world is known to me

I’m still unknown in this world’

You must always work for making this sensitive statement disapproving.

Dear friends, I’m hopeful that you guys will surpass the estimated goal and make your life wonderful. Let the whole world watching you smash the records after records.

With best wishes,


Thank-you everyone of Himalayan Glory

Wei Long\ Gao Sheng

It’s only a month away that we will go back our dear country—China, for which we have intense and nostalgic feeling. There is no doubt that we miss our hometown, family and friend so much that every-day we count the number of days left for going home. However, when it comes to departure of Nepal, we feel it very sad and reluctant to part with honorable principal, warm-hearted teachers and lovely and enthusiastic students. In fact, we once predicted that it would be a wrench when we would leave here and say goodbye to everyone of Himalayan Glory Secondary school. We really want to tell all of you, to let all of you know: We love Nepal, we love Bhaktapur, we love Himalayan Glory Secondary school, and we love every one of you more than you have thought.

How quickly time flies! When we arrived at here, we couldn’t adapt to many things of Nepal: the electricity that is often cut off frequently, the pungent food that is put into curry and chilly, the local people’s English accent and so on. Nowadays, everything strange gradually becomes more familiar. But, the time of departure draws closer. Sometimes, when we come to think of this, we have an impulse to cry. We will never forget the time when we had class for the first time as new volunteer Chinese teachers, students helped us overcome nervousness and uneasiness with their kind, melodious smiles and great enthusiasm. We will never forget the time of Mother’s day, when all the students had sung the song “ mother is best in the world” to us in Chinese, which strengthened our nostalgic feeling for our hometown and let us recall the time of being with our mothers. We will never forget the time when some disruptive students made us angry, they apologized to us sincerely and made a grimace to coax us into laughing. We will never forget······we deeply realize that there are so many things, so many people to deserve our missing. We will keep all of these in our mind, in our heart forever.

At finally, we want to say: it is time to say farewell to all of you. We look forward to the day of our reunion.