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Kamal Shwori Suwal


 A child is a potter’s raw clay or a new plant. A potter makes the clay into a suitable vessel and like a farmer gives a plant a kind of support, the same way the children of today will grow into beautiful plants if they are given good care.

Education is the light of knowledge. Children and education refers to the positive guidance given to them. “Children are born good by nature, but the environment influences them.” Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel, the promoter of infant education, agreed with this statement and in his book “The Education of Man”, he emphasizing more on education, he expressed that a good environment should be created for children to learn knowledge or new things and they learn through games, songs, stories and cooperation and develop themselves.Especially children aged 3 to 6 years are curious, playful and want freedom. From socialization to learning life skills and knowledge, work is intense at this age. Mistakes happen while learning. Instead of the need of child-friendly teaching to punish because a mistake has been made, the cause of the mistake and the realization of the mistake should be made. For example, if a child tears a copy or a book, instead of scolding them, they should be taught what will happen and how to fix it. So that he doesn’t do it later.

What their mindset learns at a young age is permanent. For example, famous Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan was asked in an interview, ‘How a busy person like you always arrives on time to every event, not 1 minute earlier or later?’ He replied that when I was a child, I was always taught to be punctual in school. That is why he has now reached the age of 80+ years, but he still remembers and follows what he learned in childhood.

Children aged 3 to 6 years want to play, jump, run freely without restraint. They keep asking questions all the time. He likes to listen to songs, sing and listen to children’s stories. They are more excited to play with colors. They expect praise for their activities. They also attach great importance to the smallest rewards. For example, they take great pleasure in having different kinds of picture stamps or ‘good’ mark for their writings or behaviors, or they are very happy with the stamp put on their hands and cheeks for good works and behaviors, and they show them to their parents with great glory even at home. Babies want to hear their name called, but they want to give priority to themselves over others.Considering the wishes of these children, we should answer their questions in the right way. Children should be given equal love and nutritious food according to their age and should be allowed to run and play. For socialization, playing together with siblings should be encouraged, while for language development, things like talking with them, using respectful words, loving the younger and respecting the older should be taught. They should also be loved and respected according to their needs. If we respect them, they will also learn to respect us.In the end, if we as teachers and parents are able to prepare the best and proper environment we can understand their wishes, and surely the responsible citizens we think will be prepared.

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