Life sprouts from the great ocean of love with the care and tears of our beloved god-parents. Our parents set our life in the journey to the excellence and success. Life is the lucid assemblage of recreational experience accompanied by the pretty scary moments. Everyone in this entire universe does have spontaneous effort for comfort. Life and effort, life and comfort, life and victory, life and defeat, life and knowledge, life and sports and so on we can associate our life with. Life is the complex whole that can never be prophesied. We are responsible for our life to ensure the probable most beautiful shape and appearance, alluring everyone else.

Dear friends, life is complete merely when it is gauzed with the vision of education. In the recent time, S.E.E. is considered as the minimum qualification to be an educated person. SEE is not a great thing; it is only the initiating part of our journey. 13 years of our student life is likely to terminate with SEE but it is not the end of student life, it is just the transmission phase from immature to the mature student life. However, better results will obviously ameliorate our life status.

All the students want to secure best results and they usually hover around to look for the tips that how can they achieve good marks. In my personal view point, you guys can get the best tips from your own. Have you ever questioned yourself – WHO AM I? Try to give the possible answers. Don’t say –I’m a student. Try to give another perfect answer that suits your potentiality. Definitely, it is quite difficult because we haven’t reached the climax of our journey. We are on the way to success. Now, give the answer what you would like to be in coming days. You can say – I’m the World No. I seeded …. player or I’m the owner of …… multinational company or I’m professor at …….. University and many others what your interest allow saying. For all those aforementioned status, prepare the effective plans to execute and work as per the plans but be sure education is the integral part for all the fields. For this you should show great interest as you have chosen your field yourself. Interest leads to the evolution of success.

For now, you guys are appearing in SEE so focus your interest on that. Broadening the range of knowledge and collection of all the scattered information at a place will help to foster your performance. Don’t go only through the pages of the books but also go through the pages of your mind. You can teach yourself in the best way. Listen to teachers, friends, authors and more importantly listen to yourself and then simplify all the assumptions in your own personal way. This will help you to understand everything easily. Whenever you get bored or you get leisure time, I don’t say use your leisure by studying but instead use you leisure to refresh your lethargic and jaded mind into enthusiastic mind.

Each and every small piece has gigantic elaboration. If you consider all the necessary things, you can fly high above the highest in the heave of excellence and success. Life will be flooded with lots of rewards and opportunities. Every single person will appreciate your achievement and the story of your life will be safely recorded in the history of the world. For this, “Never put yourself in the position to fail.”

‘Even this world is known to me

I’m still unknown in this world’

You must always work for making this sensitive statement disapproving.

Dear friends, I’m hopeful that you guys will surpass the estimated goal and make your life wonderful. Let the whole world watching you smash the records after records.

With best wishes,



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