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Review of Story “Alice in Wonderland”

Bilam Suwal (2070 B.S.)

I have read a lot of story from lots of libraries. From my school library, I have also read many good and interesting stories. Among them I liked the most was “Alice in Wonderland”. That story was written by  ‘Lewis Carroll’ and published by “EKTA Graded Readers”.

In the story Alice played the main role. In that story Alice and her sister went to garden for a walk in a fine summer’s day. There was very beautiful flowers and trees. When they were tired, they sat under a large oak tree. Her sister read a book. She put her head on her sister’s lap. She began to sleep.

Suddenly she saw a white rabbit with pink eyes running towards her. He had watch. Alice had never seen rabbit with either a waistcoat pocket or a watch. Alice followed him. After a few minutes she didn’t see a rabbit. She found herself in a big hall. There were lots of doors but all of them were closed. She saw a golden key on the glass table. She tried to open the doors. But she couldn’t. She tried second time at that time she saw a little door. She opened a door.

She saw a beautiful garden. She wanted to go there, but the door was small. She came back to the hall. She saw a bottle. In the bottle ‘Drink me’ was written. She drank that. No longer she had drunk she became very small. She ran towards the garden’s door. It was locked. Again she came back and she saw a cake and ate it. Then she became bigger. After sometime, she saw a white rabbit carrying a pair of white gloves and fan in other. When she says something to rabbit, he ran away. She fanned herself. She became small again. Rabbit   gloves were fitted to her. She met with the mouse. She saw birds, animals, curious creative called a Dodo. They played there a caucus race. They wanted to know who would win the race after finishing the race, Dodo said that everyone had won the race. After some times she left alone. She walked away from there. She saw lots of wonderful thing.

She saw a cards man. She was very wonderful. King and Queen were also cards. They want to and who stole the tarts. Cards man said that knave had stolen the tarts. Alice said that knave didn’t have stolen the tarts. “Be quite” shouted the queen. Queen said to their workers to cut Alice’s head. Alice wasn’t afraid of them. When Alice said something, they all were changed into the pack of cards; they were agreed and rushed at her. All cards came flying towards her. She raised her hands in fear.

Alice suddenly opened her eyes and looked around. There was nor king nor Queen, knavea and rabbit. All were vanished. She was in the beautiful garden. Her head was on her sister’s lap.

Her sister said Alice to wake up. Then, Alice said to her sister about a strange dream and strange adventures. Then they ran home saying they were being late for tea.

By reading this story, we can get lots of education. Such as in dreams we can see lots of wonderful and creative moments. In sunny day we have good dreams. We need to take care of our time.

By reading this story, I got the idea that we need to take care of time. So, I want to request to all that please read this story one time. This is very interesting.

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