Sports and discipline

Discipline means not only respecting your elders, speaking well and behaving well. Following or obeying the policies and rules of your various associations, schools, colleges, and offices can also be considered as part of discipline. Discipline also plays a veritably important part in sports. Discipline is inversely important to come a successful player and indeed after success. When a player represents his country and participates in a game abroad, if that player acts against the rules of the game and behaves badly, it will have a negative impact on his personal life and the honor of the country may be questioned. Also, we have seen that even good and successful players of international level had to be banned from playing life for a certain period of time because they could not present themselves in a disciplined manner. And we have come to know through the newspaper.

Discipline should be considered as a player’s ornament. A disciplined player should respect and honor his mentors. Be nice to other players. The game should be presented accepting all the rules and regulations within the game. Disciplined players should not make expressions that hurt anyone’s heart.

The future players of the society should also be taught the experiences they have learned in the field of sports. As a result, the future players who enter the field of sports will be disciplined. In this way, if discipline is learned in the society, then there is no doubt that civilized and disciplined manpower will be prepared. A society with civilized and disciplined human resources is strong. So discipline is the jewel of a player.


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