Tulsi Laxmi Bati

Due to increasing population and environmental imbalance, people are suffering from various diseases. It is known to everyone but many people are forced to die prematurely without proper treatment for such diseases. This is true, but if you take a little precaution, you can easily get rid of such diseases.

Some treatments do not require hospitalization. Some diseases can be cured by using homemade herbs at home. Some diseases can be treated as follows.

  1. In case of indigestion: after eating, sprinkle three or four pieces of mullein with Birenun (black salt) powder and chew well, then the food will be easily digested.
  2. Face spots: If you squeeze basil leaves in lemon juice and apply it on your face, it will remove the spots and make your face beautiful.
  3. If you have bad breath: Timur fruit will cure bad breath if you suck it in your mouth.
  4. Hair is stained with tea: If your hair is stained with tea, wash it with mustard seeds. You will get benefits.
  5. In case of insomnia, to increase memory or skin disease: If you drink whole plant or leaf juice of horse(Ghode) tapre in sugar water, you will not have insomnia and your memory will increase. Also, applying it on the skin increases the shine of the skin.
  6. In case of fire burn, pain during menstruation, headache or to improve the skin of the face: Gheeukumari 9 Bbhikhbhachab leaf paste when applied to the part of the head that hurts or the part burned by fire. Also, applying it on the face makes the skin better. Drinking ghee juice is beneficial to reduce pain during menstruation.
  7. Constipation and Cough: Constipation can be relieved by drinking Harro Churna with a large glass of lukewarm water at bedtime. Also, in case of cough, jungi haru should be kept in the mouth and sucked.
  8. If the body is weak: Make amla powder or juice twice a day and eat it with cold water.
  9. Cold cough: Mix equal amount of basil leaf juice and ginger juice and lick 5 grams to cure cold cough.
  10. In case of sore throat: In case of sore throat, keeping a piece of burnt ginger in the mouth and swallowing its juice is beneficial.


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