Mobile Addiction and Effects

Mobile Addiction and Effects

Now a smartphone has become an important part of our life. We cannot spend a few hours or even a few minutes without a mobile phone. With constant use of mobile phones, we are heading towards danger.

Most of the people who use mobile phones have become victims of ‘mobile addiction’. What they don’t know. Such a disease is not only in one age group but it has affected everyone from children to old people. People who use mobile constantly have no control over themselves.

Not keeping the mobile phone with you in daily work, having a negative effect on physical and human health, moving away from family members is mobile addiction. If you keep getting information from time to time with mobile in your pocket.

One day, when you miss your phone, you return home immediately. You don’t feel like working all day if you can’t come back. Even when you go to the toilet, you take your mobile phone with you.

Even if the phone does not ring, if you keep unlocking your mobile and looking at it, then you are a victim of mobile addiction. Internet, social media, mobile games, various entertainment apps, online shopping and online money making apps etc. are the platforms used by many. It is seen that most of the time they are viewing the same things on mobile. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how to avoid mobile addiction.

Effects of Mobile Addiction

  • Eye problems.
  • Get angry even on small things.
  • Gradually moving away from the family.
  • Physical and mental health starts to deteriorate.
  • Increased laziness.
  • Not having control over your own mind.
  • Gradually losing memory.
  • Don’t pay attention to others. etc…
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