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Generation Gap (Me and My Grandfather)

Kolan Karmacharya

Generation is a group of individual having simultaneously a status which each one holds only for a limited period. And generation gap is a different opinion, thoughts and feelings between one generation and another regarding beliefs, politics and values. In the context of today, usage, generation gap refers to the gap between younger people and their parents or grandparents.

Generation gap has effects on many sectors. The first part affected by the generation gap is family and society. In families, we often see elder family members criticizing about the thoughts, belief of the younger members. For example, our grandparent want their children to wear traditional dresses, follow their rites, rituals, religious, thought but the children do just opposite to the will of their parents. It is because of the generation gap between the grandparents and children. The new generations i.e. children wear modern dresses, adopt thought opposite to their parents and grandparent in spite of the traditional dresses and thought and as a result, sometime they got scolded by their parents and grandparent. They think what would be wrong if their children wear what they wear still like in newar, ‘Haku Pataasi’ instead of light jeans, follow traditional belief. Society is also s big family. Society members also criticize the fashion, lifestyle of the new generation, but we new generation often neglect them as thinking let them talk about us but we spend our life what we want.

One of the sector affected by the generation gap is politics too. Let’s talk about the politics of our country. All the President, Prime Minister, Minister are old or elderly people. But we all are young with the new thoughts which is not enough to develop the country. Due to this reason, our country is not being able to take the right pace of development. I think if the politicians are of about 35-40 years, the pace of development of our country could rise by some rate. Politicians are of old generation and they try to solve every problems, issues in their traditional or old ways. But along with the development in science and technologies or other factors, problem are also being vast and advance. So, the politicians must be of the younger generation so that s/he can cope up with the problems of the new generation. Our politicians are old and even some of them can’t talk properly. Due to the elder politicians, the thought of the citizens and the politicians are not matching. What the citizens want, politicians don’t agree and what the politicians want to give, the citizens don’t agree. It is just because of the generation gap between the new generation and previous generation.

Generation gap has many other effects on many other sectors. To reduce the effects created by the generation gap, both young generation and old generation should play the role. The young generation should try to promote the tradition, beliefs of the parents, societies and religions by obeying and listening to the thoughts of the parents and grandparents. And the parents and grandparents too should move on with the situation of the present time. They shouldn’t be always the ‘Frogs of the well”. They should jump out from the well and see the world once with the eyes of the new generation. If both old and young generation could match up their thought, the effects created by the generation gap can be reduced.

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