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How to take special care of Children under 8 years old?

How to take special care of Children under 8 years old?

The age from conception to 8 years is the cornerstone of children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. This period is called early childhood. 90% of the brain has developed within 5 years from conception. By the age of 8, children’s learning ability is already developed. According to various researches, children who are unable to acquire general reading and math skills by the age of 8 have difficulties in acquiring these skills and other learning in the later years. Nutritional status and developmental status up to 8 years of age affects health and development throughout life.

Physical Development

  • Eat nutritious food regularly,
  • Go to bed on time and wake up on time,
  • Doing activities like exercise, dance and yoga,
  • Creative activities involving the use of fingers such as drawing, coloring, etc.

Social Development

  • Communicating with the family at home on various topics,
  • Listening to stories and past events from elders,
  • Playing games played at home (chess, ludo, bagchal etc.),
  • Communicating with friends using communication media (if telephone and internet).

Emotional Development

  • Telling how happy, sad, angry you are feeling while playing with puppets or dolls.
  • Parents also express their feelings about different things,
  • Helping children with household chores, learning how to do them,
  • Listening to stories or watching cartoons while sleeping.

Intellectual Development

  • reading stories aloud,
  • Parents read to them if they cannot read by themselves,
  • singing,
  • Playing with materials at home;
  • Recognizing different sounds and objects,
  • Answering questions on various topics, telling or writing a list of household items with different shapes (round, square, triangle) and colors,
  • Conduct investigative activities,
  • Making puzzles.

Along with this, let’s keep the time of watching TV or playing or listening to mobile phone as little as possible. After completing the routine, say goodbye or encourage. The main thing is that parents give their time to children. Answer their questions. Play together and Rejoice.

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