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I Wish ………(A Student’s Wish)

Sarala Deshemaru

(SEE Graduate 2074 B.S.)

“ I suppose that there’s always commodity to be happy from enjoying commodity that we like doing or being with the people that make us happy ”. Indeed the simplest thing in life makes us smile and feel happy. It’s said that we must acclimate with what we have.

I am studying in grade 10. Through the whole studying time, this is my last and the most important class of school life. As I am preparing for my SEE I have no time for anything else. Our school also starts from sharp 8 am till 6 pm. Since Morning, we have been writing something or preparing or practicing Mathematics or Opt Mathematics or any other. We are given lots of questions to solve out till the class. At that time, I wish teachers would say, don’t worry; it will be alright if you show me the works in next day.” We are also given a set of question papers of each subject that we have to complete in one day and show it next day. How could we do? I wish I could do it on holiday slowly and concisely. The whole day in school goes with class works, questions and important learning. After the school, when I return home, I wish I would get a light lunch and a short rest. But when I reach home, my brother and sister’s loud, annoying voice irritates me. I wish they could understand and get some lunch for me.

            The homework irritates me at night. I write and write and write, but it’s still uncompleted. That time, I wish my homework would automatically be finished. When I try to read book for some time at night, I don’t ever know when I feel asleep. Sometime when I feel bored and tired I intend to play mobile. But I can’t. My teachers told to my parents not to give us mobile. Sometime I angry with our teachers but they are doing so that we could read much. Sometime I want to see Facebook and want to check our friend profiles and its like. It was just my dream to seize mobile from my parent. When the mobile is charging, I got chance to get mobile but oh god! My little brother and sister shout at once, “Mom, sister took mobile not doing homework.” They don’t know my feeling. They just know pressing me to read but I know they want to make my aim successful.

            On the holiday, I wish I could hang with my friends for some time, but my mother doesn’t let me. I am being pressed by mother to complete the home works. She speaks and speaks about the study, exams, career,……….. I wish she could understand and let me do what I wish. Because, it is the time of SEE, I am preparing and doing my best for good result. I wish I could do some enjoyable after my exam.

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