Thank-you everyone of Himalayan Glory

Wei Long\ Gao Sheng

It’s only a month away that we will go back our dear country—China, for which we have intense and nostalgic feeling. There is no doubt that we miss our hometown, family and friend so much that every-day we count the number of days left for going home. However, when it comes to departure of Nepal, we feel it very sad and reluctant to part with honorable principal, warm-hearted teachers and lovely and enthusiastic students. In fact, we once predicted that it would be a wrench when we would leave here and say goodbye to everyone of Himalayan Glory Secondary school. We really want to tell all of you, to let all of you know: We love Nepal, we love Bhaktapur, we love Himalayan Glory Secondary school, and we love every one of you more than you have thought.

How quickly time flies! When we arrived at here, we couldn’t adapt to many things of Nepal: the electricity that is often cut off frequently, the pungent food that is put into curry and chilly, the local people’s English accent and so on. Nowadays, everything strange gradually becomes more familiar. But, the time of departure draws closer. Sometimes, when we come to think of this, we have an impulse to cry. We will never forget the time when we had class for the first time as new volunteer Chinese teachers, students helped us overcome nervousness and uneasiness with their kind, melodious smiles and great enthusiasm. We will never forget the time of Mother’s day, when all the students had sung the song “ mother is best in the world” to us in Chinese, which strengthened our nostalgic feeling for our hometown and let us recall the time of being with our mothers. We will never forget the time when some disruptive students made us angry, they apologized to us sincerely and made a grimace to coax us into laughing. We will never forget······we deeply realize that there are so many things, so many people to deserve our missing. We will keep all of these in our mind, in our heart forever.

At finally, we want to say: it is time to say farewell to all of you. We look forward to the day of our reunion.

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