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How Teachers Can Help Students Who Fail in Class to Succeed at Life

–Pushpa Prajapati (Teacher) Many of us know kids who seemed headed for disaster when they were in school. Maybe they flunked out of classes, or they did drugs, or they were depressed loners. But then something happened later and they blossomed into healthy, happy adults who contributed to society in important ways.             Children Who […]

Letter to the SEE appearing students

Life sprouts from the great ocean of love with the care and tears of our beloved god-parents. Our parents set our life in the journey to the excellence and success. Life is the lucid assemblage of recreational experience accompanied by the pretty scary moments. Everyone in this entire universe does have spontaneous effort for comfort. […]

How to take special care of Children under 8 years old?

How to take special care of Children under 8 years old? The age from conception to 8 years is the cornerstone of children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. This period is called early childhood. 90% of the brain has developed within 5 years from conception. By the age of 8, children’s learning ability is […]

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